Holiday Lighting Utah

Make Sure Santa Can Locate Your Home


Christmas is almost upon us. Are you dreading hanging up a thousand little, brightly-colored lights? We can help. Hero Cleaners LLC specializes in Christmas light installation services in the Logan, UT area. Our team can hang colorful lighting on the exterior of your home to help put your neighbor’s Christmas display to shame.

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Permanent Holiday Lighting

Are You tired of the tangled mess of Christmas lights every year and climbing on a cold roof to put them up?  Ask us about our Permanent Christmas lights.  

  • Use different colors for different Holidays or occasions year-round.
  • Stay safe not needing to climb on a cold and potentially icy roof each year.
  • Customize your lights anytime with different colors and patterns.


3 great reasons to hire our Christmas light installation experts

Hero Cleaners offers Christmas light installation services in Logan, UT and surrounding areas. You should hire us to install your Christmas lights because:

  • We have experience installing lights on multi-story homes
  • We can save you the hassle of climbing up to the roof
  • We can store your lights to free up space in your garage

Let us help you make holiday decorating less of a hassle. Contact us right away to get a free estimate on reliable Christmas light hanging services.

Prices – C7 & C9

  • Install – $1/ft before first snow fall $1.75/ft after
  • C7 New – $3.75 + Install
  • C9 New – $4.75 + Install
  • Takedown – $1/ft
  • Storage – $50


  • $8/ft + Controllers + Install


  • $25/ft + free install
Here is a graphic of the different bulbs that we offer
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